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    How to book us

    Please read all the information on this page then use the form below to send an inquiry. We typically respond within 2 days. Although we sometimes put together a gig very quickly, we ask that you give as much lead time as possible.

    What sort of gigs do we do?

    We do community events and festivals, school and institutional events, business events and private events. The number of performers is flexible, depending on your needs.

    What can we perform/do?

    We typically offer several songs, depending on the time allotted, each of which is approximately 5 minutes long. We can also provide educational talk, audience participation, and processional or filler music.

    Logistical requirements

    • We require a flat area to play on, typically at least 15'x15'.
    • A parking space for our van close where we can unload drums, and access to roll the drums to the performance area.
    • Although we can get on/off a performance area/stage in under 5 minutes, total setup/breakdown typically takes 30 minutes before and after.
    • We can play inside or outside, and will be very loud, so if there are neighbors, especially residences, you should make sure they are OK with noise.
    • We cannot perform outdoors in the rain.
    • Please consider providing drinking water and snacks for our volunteer performers, who spend a lot more time prepping, loading and unloading before and after performances than meets the eye.
    • It's preferable to have a changing room available for us to get into costume.


    We generally charge $500 for a show, but this amount can go up or down depending on how difficult it is for us to do the show. If performer need to pay parking fees, that should be added to the fee. 

    When and where do we perform?

    We are a volunteer group and our performers have day jobs. This means many of our gigs are on weekends and sometimes weeknights. Weekdays are the most difficult, so please give us a lot of lead time for weekday requests.

    What can you say about us when marketing your event?

    Emeryville Taiko’s mission is to build taiko community through classes, workshops, and performances. We strive to be inclusive and inviting, fostering understanding of taiko's cultural origins in Japan and welcoming members from all walks of life. Since 1998, Emeryville Taiko has cultivated musical artistry and inspired joy in the East Bay.


    You can download our logo in Adobe Illustrator format (.ai) or PDF.

  • Book Us

    After submitting the form, expect an email from perform@etaiko.org in 1-2 days