• Beginner classes start every month

    New students joining us for the first time are welcome on the first Saturday and/or first Wednesday of each month.

    Email info@etaiko.org at any time to let us know you're interested and ask any questions!

    Newcomer classes are currently cancelled in response to current guidelines on social distancing. Members: see slack to join our online classes at regular times

  • Wednesdays 7-9 PM

    Oakland Asian Cultural Center

    Wednesday class is at OACC in Oakland [map]. Classes are two hours long. Please read all the information on this page to get ready.

    Saturdays 10:15-12:15

    Soundwave Studios

    Saturday class is at Soundwave in Oakland [map]. Classes are two hours long. Please read all the information on this page to get ready.

    Saturdays 9:15-10:15

    Soundwave Studios

    New Kids (age 8 and above) are welcome every first Saturday of the month at Soundwave in Oakland [map]. Email us at info@etaiko.org to register.

  • Class Fees

    Cash and check only. Classes are two hours long.

    10 class and 5 class cards expire after three months of inactivity.

    10 classes $140

    kids $90, seniors $110

    5 classes $80

    kids $50, seniors $60

    All you can taiko $120

    unlimited 1 month (seniors $100)

    $18 single class

    Financial assistance available

  • What to expect

    Be prepared for active fun

    Class schedule

    New students may begin on the first Wednesday or first Saturday of the month only. Once you've attended a first Weds/Sat class, you are welcome at any Wednesday (7-9PM) or Saturday (10:15-12:15) class. The more often you attend, the faster you'll learn and the more fun you'll have! Beginners play alongside more experienced students and teachers - it's a supportive group activity.

    What to wear

    Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. All jewelry (rings, watches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces etc.) should be removed before class. This is an active class - dress for martial arts.

    Getting there

    Arrive early to sign up and get instructions. Payment is cash or check only.


    Wednesdays/OACC: 388 9th St #290. The OACC entrance is on the second floor, on the north side of the courtyard. Convenient to BART, and parking in the basement. [map] Look for Emeryville Taiko sign inside or outside the OACC lobby to guide you to the classroom.


    Saturday/Soundwave: 2200 Wood St, Oakland. Street parking only - please do not park in the courtyard. [map]

    Class structure

    Most of our classes have the same structure:

    • Students arrive and sign in
    • Drums are setup
    • Warmup exercises
    • Drills and group instruction by sensei
    • Breakout sessions
    • Group reconvenes for mini-performance
    • Drums put away
    • Line up for closing


    Once we begin warmups, class is in "dojo mode". We'll teach you our dojo etiquette that makes class effective and still fun. For instance:

    • Once class starts, use your eyes and ears to follow along, listen to instructions
    • Drums are handled with care. Don't touch the drumhead with your hands

    Taiko is taught in the tradition of martial arts. The essence of Taiko is not only looked upon as the skillful playing of percussion instruments, but as the discipline of mind and body in the spirit of complete respect and unity among the drummers. Taiko players are more than just fellow drummers. They are sisters and brothers. We are family. We help each other.

    How to learn and practice

    Sensei and assistant teachers will tell you what to practice. Give us your email when you signup at class to receive study materials, reminders and announcements.

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  • Donate

    We are now accepting donations from current students for online classes. All donations are tax deductible.